Thursday, June 17, 2010

A Review of a Research Blog that Really Is "Really Something"

As one of the requirements for my English 295 class at BYU, I’ve been required to analyze a classmate’s blog with regards to the class’s Criteria for Analyzing Research Blogs.

What I Liked
After analyzing Ben’s blog I am happy to conclude that he did very well on a number of fronts especially on the first three points of Development, Focus, and Cohesion. He narrated the changing concept of his thesis very nicely throughout the course of his posts and was consistent in his organization and summarized the sources that he used efficiently as possible.

I was also impressed by the visual arrangement. The majority of postings had an intriguing picture leading into the subject and each of the titles were successively linked to the previous topic covered.

Post length was short enough to keep interest but long enough to cover the subject being discussed.

He asked provocative questions and got a lot of comments from outside sources, and I liked the overall laid-back layout and tone

My One Suggestion
The Analysis was more thought provoking more than conclusive which I think was a good way to go, but I guess I was looking for a little more relevance and application, but overall Ben did a phenomenal job of following the criteria as outlined.

Ben’s blog raises interesting questions and has great organization. All in all, it’s very informative, but casually done enough to feel like a conversation rather than a monologue. I’m sure many others would find it to be worth reading and commenting on and find his candid, yet thoughtful approach to be pleasantly engaging.

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